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To Contribute Materials to The Prescott Report

  1. Editorial Calendar
  2. Features/Table of subjects
  3. Copy Guidelines

Contributions to the editorial content of The Prescott Report are always welcome.  Please contact the Editor first to discuss your idea.  Contact the Editor at +1.914.533.0208 or  The Editorial Calendar set out below is merely a guideline; good content takes precedence to the calendar, especially on important current issues.  The Features/Tables of subjects is a general indication of the “departments” of the newsletter each month.  There are generally 4 to5 articles of interest and substance each month in addition to regular editorial features such as Readers’ Trivia, Border Buddies and Border Bullies, International Events and other regular content.  Unlike the Editorial Calendar, copy guidelines are relatively firm guidelines. Please read them carefully.

1. Editorial Calendar

We publish 6 times per year, every other month beginning in January.  Contributions are welcome any time, and will be scheduled in the next available issue, unless the author expresses an interest for a particular time of publication.

2. Features/Table of Subjects:

  • Visiting Author- thoughts/views/experience on any marketing-related subject, postal matters, data protection, international market entry, current events of interest to the internationally-minded…
  • Masterpieces of Marketing – Case studies, new market development, winning campaigns
  • Country profile: state of dm, ad spend, mobile penetration, gdp, Gini, population trends, credit industry, payment modalities, anything of interest to a marketer
  • Calendar of international conferences and seminars
  • Occasional Editor’s Corner, ie, an editorial.
  • Here and There – 5 or 6 one or two paragraph items of interest which are usually on a common subject, such as “payment delay rates”, response rates, latest on-line mistakes,  in different countries.
  • Readers’ Trivia – multiple choice questions around a subject or set of related subjects; the meat of the “article” is the answers, which describe the correct answer, and sometimes the incorrect ones.
  • Postal developments and matters
  • Environment – pollution control, carbon footprint of dm media, recycling, taxes, etc.
  • Recession Watch – How are consumers, businesses, and dm agencies worldwide dealing with the recession. Eg., enormous increase in couponing in Argentina.
  • Border Bullies and Border Buddies: awards are given periodically to government agencies, companies, nations, business practices, rules, laws and general practices which hinder or help the unfettered passage of  people, goods, services and information between nations.

3. The Prescott Report Copy Guidelines


  1. General: Submissions should not be advertisements for a company’s products or services, except by way of example of excellence in performance, as in a case study.
  2. Length: From 50 words to 2,000.  Optimum length for the newsletter is up to 2 pages single-spaced. Longer pieces may be split into two or more chapters and published consecutively. We have happily published series of up to 8 related articles by the same author.
  3. Technicalities: Times New Roman 12. Left margin justified. Indent paragraphs. Author’s name, title, company and such contact points as desired to be disclosed should appear at end of the article.
  4. Case Studies. These are the most highly desired articles, and should show-case a success or failure that teaches something about the marketing exercise, the product, the company’s unique character (eg, customer service, commitment to quality, research…).  Personal background of a driving force in a company should be included if relevant. Eg., “Following a successful career with Citibank, that Sanjj chose to set up his marketing company on the outskirts of Mumbai rather than in Delhi should not be a surprise. This is where he was born and raised.”  The article should follow the subject it is describing chronologically and include as much detail as possible.  Numbers are wonderful – development costs, p&l, number mailed, response rates, etc. This is a business exercise, and business is numbers.
  5. “Local color”. These are pieces that highlight something unique about a market and help to educate us all about the nuances of marketing and markets around the world. For example, when most Europeans hear “credit reference or check” they may think of the “negative databases”, basically non-payers and bankrupts, which are all that is available in some consumer markets.  An American thinks of something much more robust, with positive and negative information from which a credit score can be composed. Or, in France, many consumer catalogs are mailed to companies of a certain size because they are required by law to have Employee Committees. These committees often act as buying clubs for employees. This is something quite unique in that market, but has a parallel in China, and every market has its nuances, otherwise we could all be experts everywhere.
  6. Artwork. We welcome photos/screen captures/scans in any standard format. Higher resolutions are preferable. Contributor will requested to guarantee they have copyright or permission to have us reproduce the artwork.  Naturally, the artwork should support/clarify the text.
  7. Deadline: Not applicable. A good article will be accepted and published when space is available. If certainty is desired for a month, submit by the 15th of the month prior.  The newsletter is finalized by the 1st for dispatch as soon thereafter as possible. A call or email to the Editor is advised. +1.914.533.0208

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